Robertson Slough Bridge Replacement

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Student Presentation

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Mandar Khanal


The Robertson Slough Bridge, located on U.S 95 in Washington County, Idaho, has exceeded its expected service life. Civil Engineering Senior Project Team, Five Guys Engineering, using design guidelines related towards transportation, soil/water properties, environmental quality and structural components proposes a conventional single span bridge design that meets Idaho Department of Transportation, DEQ and AASHTO requirements. The bridge, 48 feet in length, is designed with a reinforced concrete deck supported by 5 steel girders that sit on bearing pads connected to pile caps. Both a horizontal and vertical alignment has been performed to optimize site conditions, improve traffic conditions and avoid any flood risk. The cut and fill for this project was completed using corridor modeling. The bearing capacity of the soil has been analyzed and using this information a deep foundation and retaining walls has been designed. All design aspects takes into account traffic conditions, load capacity, 100 year flood conditions and soil/material properties. The proper permits have been researched to ensure the construction of the bridge complies with Department of Environmental Quality and Washington County.

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