Submissions from 2016

Structural and Foundation Design of Pump and Reservoir Facilities in the Bogus Basin Service Area, Ralph Abajian, Meshal Alenezi, Saqer Alenezi, Abdulmajeed Bindakhilalla, and Brad Burkett

City of Notus Pressurized Irrigation Design, Andrew Aitchison, Michael Ferguson, Sara Bauer, Abdulmuhsen Alghith, and Mohammed Alzahrani

Box Culvert Design, Saleh Alabdullah, Kayd Christensen, Abdulrahman Almasoud, Klayton Leingang, and Sultan Balubid

Size Effects of Top-down Processed Ni-Mn-Ga, Miranda Buttram, Tony Hobza, Paul Lindquist, and Peter Müllner

Modular Shelter Design, Brendon Collins, Logan Cucuk, Jim O'Day, and Husain Qubazard

Girl Scout Silver Sage Project, Caitlin De Rocher, Christine Baker, Kelli Browning, Muath Alkurbush, and Yasir Alsallum

United Water Idaho: Bogus Basin Service Area – Good Street Booster Pump Station and Bogus Basin Reservoir Replacements, Taylor Enos, Jarallah Alnazhah, Nihad Ghadhban, and Naba Almofraji

Failure Analysis of Corroded Pedestrian Safety Systems, Emma Faulkner


Solid-state Electromagnetic Drive, Kevin Finn, Andrew Armstrong, Paul Lindquist, Nader Rafla, and Peter Müllner


Development of Small Angle Grain Boundaries During Single Crystal Growth Process of Ni-Mn-Ga, Justina Freilich

Towards Minimally Interfering Reporting in DNA Reaction Networks, Kay Hadrick


Evaluating the Corrosion Behaviors of Pipe Component Materials Used in Commercial Refrigeration Systems, Benjamin Herren


Resurrecting a Graeco-Egyptian Purple: Reverse Engineering an Ancient Pigment of Scientific and Cultural Significance, Benjamin Herren, Brittany Archuleta, Jennie Coon, Cassie Green, Hanna Meinikheim, Garnet Kwader, Alaggio Laurino, Cameron Quade, and John-Paul Stroud


Failure Analysis of Geothermal Water System Components, Benjamin Herren, Kelci Lester, Robert Miner, and Patrick Warren

Robertson Slough Bridge Replacement, Troy Hilde, Seijoon Song, Andrew Pack, Phillip Kaufman, and Othman Almousa

Booster Pump Station Design, Taylor Avenue, Moscow, Idaho, Joslynn Hughes, Ahmed Aldawghan, Fahad Basalem, Tika Dulal, Joslynn Hughes, and Allan Schroeder

Defect Driven Metallic Oxides for use as an Anode in Lithium-ion Batteries, Devan Karsann

What's Your Availability? Novel Substrate Design for DNA Catalytic Reaction Networks Based on Thermodynamic Analysis of Target Molecules, Daniel Kelly


Robotics Research with Turtlebot 2016, Jenny Kniss, Kevin Jin, Robert Ivans, and Hayden Mills

Porous Copper Matrix used for Tin Deposition in Lithium-ion Batteries, Andy Lau

Carbon Sequestration in Organic Shale Porosity, Kelci Lester

Making Vanadium Dioxide for Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Using Physical Vapor Deposition, Sierra Ludwig

Saving Hagar: The Exploration of the Degradation Mechanism of a Renaissance Era Oil on Copper Painting., Dannie Makar, Robin McCown, and Sierra Ludwig

Get Excited: First-principles Investigation of Chromophores on DNA Scaffolding, Eric Nelson and Andres Correa Hernandez

The Idaho Tri-Weekly Statesman: Methods of Authentication for the First Issue, Cameron Quade

City of Notus Irrigation System Replacement, Lacie Rasley, Luke Myers, Christina Boulay, Abdullah Alowaid, and Faleh Aldehferi

Boise State University Undergraduate Microgravity Research, Christopher Ruby, Christopher Ruby, Jason Kuwada, Marina Autina, Zach Chastaine, Evan Smith, and Melissa Roberts

Optimal Range and Efficacy of Nitric Oxide from a Plasma Source for Wound Healing in Diabetics, Rebecka Seward, Ally Isnor, Steven Saldivar, and Shayne Hansen

Vista Station Booster Pump Renovation, Eli Somers, Abdulrahman Alghunaim, Fahad Alnamlan, Ahmad Alshammari, and Gilberto Camargo

High Temperature Behavior of Zirconium Alloys, Jordan Vandegrift, Patrick Price, Kelci Lester, Sirak Mekonen, John-Paul Stroud, and Isabella J. Van Rooyen

Characterization of Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films from Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition, Catherine Walker

Synthesis, Sintering and Hydrothermal Corrosion Studies of Advanced Multiphase Actinide Fuels, Jennifer Watkins

North Fork Payette River Bridge Design, Shannon Wisely, Michelle McDonald, Bethany Keppler, Patrick Carpenter, and Abdul Hameed