The Garden Valley RV and Cottage Resort Project

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Miller, Dr. Murgel, Mr. Call, Dr. Chrittoori, Dr. Farid, Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Khanal, Dr. Mishra


Evident Engineering, a team of five civil engineering students, has designed amenities for the Garden Valley RV and Cottage Resort located near Garden Valley, Idaho. The resort is a recreational vehicle complex designed to accommodate 110 RVs, 10 guest cottages, and a clubhouse on a 23-acre site. This design includes the required permitting for the site, an analysis for a turn lane at the entrance from Banks-Lowman Highway, a design of the wastewater collection and disposal system, and the structural designs of the pavilion, cottages, clubhouse, pump house, and washroom facility. This design also includes a water supply and distribution system, a storm water management plan, and a site plan.

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