Runway Improvements and Drainage Rehabilitation at Sunrise Sky Park, Melba, Idaho

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Student Presentation

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Dr. George Murgel, Dr. Sondra Miller, Dr. Deb Mishra, Dr. Arvin Farid, Dr. Bhaskar Chittori, Mr. Steven Call, Dr. Robert Hamilton, Dr. Jairo Hernandez, Dr. Mandar Khanal, Dr. Yang Lu


The Sunrise Sky Park is a private facility located near Melba, Idaho on the Snake River. The site consists of residential properties, a runway, taxiways, access roads from Idaho State Highway 78, and private airplane hangars. The rehabilitation began with an evaluation of the existing subgrade and pavement sections of the runway, taxiway, and access roads. Chemical and mechanical stabilization methods will be used as part of the subgrade stabilization design and site rehabilitation. Inadequate surface drainage is due to two factors: current culverts conveying Hardtrigger Creek and depressed infields with exposed clay. The two culverts currently conveying Hardtrigger creek will be replaced with one culvert designed for a 50 year, 24-hour precipitation event. The culvert carrying Hardtrigger Creek will be improved to facilitate more efficient stream conveyance. Surface drainage within the site will be channeled along the runway and diverted into existing drainage infrastructure at each end of the runway. Infields will be graded to facilitate runoff into designed channels and vegetation introduced. After the subgrade and drainage has been properly rehabilitated, the taxiway and airstrip will be layered with base and sub-base material. Then asphalt will be placed to American Association of State, Highway, and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations to influence proper drainage.

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