Elementary School and Environmental Design for the Tiny Town Complex

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Sondra Miller, Mr. Steven Call, Dr. Bhaskar Chittoori, Dr. Arvin Farid, Dr. Robert Hamilton, Dr. Jario Hernandez, Dr. Mandar Khanal, Dr. Yang Lu, Dr. George Murgel, Dr. Deb Mishra


The Tiny Town Complex is located on a 181-acre lot located in Elmore County, Idaho, that encompasses a school, a manufacturing facility, and an office building. Zero∆Engineering together with Mighty Sledgehammer Engineering took on the task of designing the Tiny Town Complex. Through extensive research and collaborating with Mighty Sledgehammer Engineering, we were able to create a design that meets our customer’s needs and Elmore County’s jurisdictional codes. Tiny Town Complex design includes: the lot layout, transportation system, water supply, waste water treatment including a nutrient-pathogen study, ground water maintenance, structural design of the two buildings, and evaluation of jurisdictional codes. Zero∆Engineering was specifically responsible for: complete structural design of an elementary school, designing the water supply for the entire Tiny Town Complex, working along side Sledgehammer Engineering to design the waste water treatment system for the entire Tiny Town Complex, and evaluating all the necessary permitting such as environmental, zoning, and building codes required by Elmore County.

The final products of the structural design of the elementary school included construction documents consisting of framing plans, structural notes, and details. A sufficient number of wells were designed to provide the Tiny Town Complex with drinking water. Water storage tanks were designed to hold the culinary, fire, and irrigation needs, with a distribution system. As a result of high nitrogen concentrations in the ground water, a community package treatment system was designed to treat the wastewater in accordance to the nutrient-pathogen study. Through this completed design process, a new community will be created in Elmore County, Idaho, that will provide room for economic and population growth for years to come.

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