Adams County Municipal Wastes Transfer Station

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Sondra Miller, Dr. George Murgel, Mr. Steven Call, Dr. Bhaskar Chittoori, Dr. Arvin Farid, Dr. Robert Hamilton, Dr. Jairo Hernandez, Dr. Mandar Khanal, Dr. Yang Lu, and Dr. Deb Mishra


The current landfill located in Adams County, Idaho is nearing capacity due to uncontrolled and unregulated dumping. Adams Family, Inc. has been tasked with designing a new regional municipal wastes transfer station to help alleviate the problem and prolong the landfill’s useful life by preventing unregulated dumping and whereby reducing the wastes volume placed within the existing Adams County landfill. The new municipal wastes transfer station will be built on five acres of undeveloped land due north of the existing landfill entrance. The transfer station will be used to store recyclable municipal waste which will include scrap metal, used tires, electronic waste, batteries, green waste, and oil, before being transferred to a processing facility. The transfer station design includes: two storage sheds, two forty cubic yard roll-off containers, and designated areas to temporarily store municipal wastes from the general public and prevent every person from having unregulated access to the working landfill space.

The municipal wastes transfer station design plans also include an office building complete with restrooms and a breakroom for a small number of landfill workers, a maintenance bay used for upkeep of onsite vehicles, and a wash station area for maintenance vehicles. A management plan is included to mitigate offsite stormwater from entering the landfill site and becoming contaminated. Pavement improvements will be made to the site and at the entrance to and from the landfill at Goodrich Road.

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