Shelter Technologies: Structural and Environmental Solutions for Disaster Relief

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Miller, Dr. Khanal, Mr. Call, Dr. Chittoori, Dr. Farid, Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Lu, Dr. Mishra, Dr. Murgel


The goal of the Shelter Technologies senior design project is to develop affordable disaster relief structures for people displaced by natural disasters. This project is a multi-disciplinary, multi-year project, and the first design is based on the climate and codes for the state of Idaho. In addition to affordability, safety and ease of transportation are major considerations in the design, making the structures easily to be assembled in a time of need. The structure will be built with modular panels and connections, designed in collaboration with two Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering senior design groups. Gridlock Engineering has determined structural loadings and the overall structural design. Gridlock Engineering also provided solutions for potable drinking water, and wastewater collection and disposal. In addition to basic design considerations, Gridlock Engineering has researched on-site food growing systems and solar panel options, to provide food and electricity for people residing in emergency structures for extended periods of time.

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