Well 13 Well House and 46th Street Water Storage Reservoir Design for Garden City, Idaho

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Student Presentation

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S. Miller, G. Murgel, S. Call, B. Chittoori, A. Farid, R. Hamilton, J. Herndandez, M. Khanal, Y.F. Lu, D. Mishra


The Well 13 and 46th Street Reservoir design project in Garden City, Idaho will supplement the current 10 potable water wells serving nearly 6,000 equivalent dwelling units (EDUs). Currently, Well 3 is located on 43rd Street just north of Adams Street. Well 13 and well house will be constructed in order to replace Well 3 on this site. In addition, a 800,000 gallon cast-in-place concrete water storage reservoir will be constructed on 46th Street in order to provide flow equalization and fire suppression storage for the east end of Garden City, Idaho.

GC2 Engineering has provided structural designs for the Well 13 well house and the 46th Street water storage reservoir based on the information provided by Poseidon Engineering. The well house was designed in order to accommodate well pump and equipment, and provide adequate space for operation and maintenance personnel. The water storage reservoir was designed based on volume required for operational and equalizing storage, and storage needed for fire suppression.

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