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John Gardner


The collection and storage of float samples without cross contamination is one of many challenges facing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The proposed tool will be able to retrieve rock samples with a series of sample collection clamshells attached to a rotating belt positioned on a shaft. There will be one clamshell per sample collection sight. The tool will meet all safety requirements and be able to retrieve the samples without compromising the integrity of the surrounding area. After thorough design review, a prototype will be tested at the Neutral Buoyance Lab (NBL) at NASA’s Johnson Spaceflight Center in Houston, TX the first week of June. Feedback from the test will provide a foundation for future improvements to the design and operation of the device. Prior and post testing to the NBL tests will be key for precise design, fabrication, and operation. In the future, NASA may be able to use this tool to collect rock samples during asteroid missions.