Submissions from 2015

Elementary School and Environmental Design for the Tiny Town Complex, Sulaiman Alkhalfan, Hasan Almuhanna, Kai Risung, Jesse Roberto, and Ben Warner

Adams County Municipal Wastes Transfer Station, Khalid Almuhaidib, Jesse Christensen, Canon Furth, Sandra McCrea, and Dawson Sigman


Resurrecting “Poor Man’s Purple”: A Transdisciplinary Study of Color-Shifted Pigments Used in an Encaustic Fayum Mummy Portrait of Ancient Egypt, Brittany Archuleta, Alaggio B. Laurino, Cameron E. Quade, John-Paul D. Stroud, Jared L. Talley, Brittany L. Cannon, Ron Garnys, Darryl P. Butt, Glenn Gates, and Janice Neri

Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Micro-pump for Sub-microliter Intracranial Drug Delivery, Sam Barker, Eric Rhoads, Paul Lindquist, and Martin Vreugdenhil

Shelter Technologies: Structural and Environmental Solutions for Disaster Relief, Brett Becklund, Jason Morgan, Jason Mumford, and Abbey Stover

Factors and Effects of Permanent Deformation in Printing Media, Dorian Bosley, Meagan Papac, Riley Parrish, and Brett Spaulding

Rehabilitation Robot for Stroke Patient Hemiparesis, Jessica Bottelberghe, Noah Conger, Stephanie Johnson, Kevin Warburton, Blake Oren, Daniel Travis, Justin Williams, Lynn Catlin, Brian Higgins, and Eric Booth


Towards Molecular Modification of Carbon Nanotube Junctions in Thin Film Transistors, Noelia Caloca, A. Nicole Chang, Kari McLaughlin, and David Estrada

Well 13 Design and 46th Street Water Storage Reservoir Sizing for Garden City, Idaho, Aston Carpenter, David Barcal, Travis Denham, and Savanna Rice

The Design and Development of a Stress Corrosion Cracking Sensor for Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers, Lysne Drew


Augmented Reality and Gesture-Based Control, Camille Eddy and Josh Johnston

Analysis of Towbar Weld Heat Affected Zones, Emma Faulkner, Scott Cheung, Hany Ayad, and Andrew Morrison

Comparison of Corrosion Properties of Bearing Steels, Emma Faulkner and Drew Lysne

Well 13 Well House and 46th Street Water Storage Reservoir Design for Garden City, Idaho, Isaac Fournier, Justin Harvey, Dan Trent, and Ahmad Jumma

Runway Improvements and Drainage Rehabilitation at Sunrise Sky Park, Melba, Idaho, Dan Galvin, Zander Newcomb, Will Rice, Sarah Jakober, and Abdullah Alrebdi


A Guideline for Increasing Efficiency of TEM/EDS Data Collection by Dwell Time Optimization, Colin Green and Adam Thompson

Office Building and Roadway Design for the Tiny Town Complex Elmore County, Idaho, James Hanley II, Jose Lopez, Tyler Maier, Mohammad Almehana, and Jason Warren


Zero-G Operable Interplanetary Delivery Based Ergonomics Grabber (ZOIDBERG), Davlin Jacob, Camille Eddy, John Cashin, Eli Andersen, Scott Warren, Zachary Chastaine, Colton Colbert, Christopher Ruby, and Marina Autina

Correlated Optical and Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of Two-dimensional Atomic-layered Materials, Nicholas La Combe, Brett Ward, Paul Davis, David Estrada, and Elton Graugnard

High Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of Dysprosium, Kelci Lester

Growth and Characterization of Pre-Oriented Near Net-Shape Grown Ni2MnGa Single Crystals, Eric Rhoads, Sam Johnson, Tony Hobsa, Paul Lindquist, and Peter Müllner

The Garden Valley RV and Cottage Resort Project, Jessie Shocklee, Chris LoBosco, May Alnagi, Michael Lees, and Corbyn Cools

Mechanical Degradation of Commercial Fish Hooks using a Novel Approach, Brett Spaulding, Brian J. Jaques, Tony Lamansky, and Darryl P. Butt

Mechanical Strength of SiC Fibers, Brett Spaulding, Alex Wirtz, Kelci Lester, Jennifer Watkins, Brian J. Jaques, Ken Keller, and Darryl P. Butt

Surface Cleanliness Characterization and Improvement for Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications, Kevin Talley, Scott York, and Jihan Giad

High Temperature Oxidation of Zirconium Alloys, Jordan Vandegrift, Patrick Price, Isabella J. van Rooyen, and Darryl P. Butt


A Transdisciplinary Approach to Determining the Provenience of a Distorted, Pre-Columbian Skull Recovered in Rural Idaho, Jennifer K. Watkins, Gordon A. Alanko, Samantha H. Blatt, Cynthia A. Bradbury, Matthew J. Kohn, Marion Lytle, Deborah Lacroix, Joanna Taylor, John Dudgeon, Rebecca E. Hazard, Erin O’Leary-Jepsen, and Darryl P. Butt


Science-Driven Immersive Environments for Land Management Simulations, Tim Wilder and Josh Johnston