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Sarah Haight


The Department of Energy (DOE) has put together a collegiate wind competition to design, build, and market a small wind turbine (17.7in diameter rotor dimension). For our mechanical engineering senior design project our team will participate in this competition. Ten schools will compete in the competition in Las Vegas this May. Our team designed a wind turbine to produce power for ultraviolet light water purification in remote areas and during emergency situations. The turbine was designed to produce 10 watts at a wind speed between 5 and 14 m/s. The turbine is also equipped with an emergency brake that will shut the turbine down in less than 10 seconds from full rotational speed if needed. The design of the turbine followed the regulations of the collegiate wind competition rules set by the DOE. An electrical engineering team built a system to convert the three phase AC power out of the generator (inside the wind turbine), to a constant 5 volts DC. Cost and marketability were major factors when designing the turbine. The final prototype is expected to cost $470 and will meet or exceed all the competition specifications with the use of rigorous testing and FEA simulations.