Rekluse Clutch Display

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


Rekluse Motorsports of Boise, ID has sponsored an MBE senior project to design an interactive display for their aftermarket dirt bike clutches. They would like a free standing structure that runs off electricity so emissions are not a concern inside at trade shows. The purpose is to the show the expansion and engagement of the clutch to display the unique features. The user should be able to experience what sets a Rekluse clutch apart from other aftermarket clutches. To meet this request, a kiosk style display has been designed and will be built to meet their needs. The display features a CRF450 dirt bike engine, handle bars with clutch lever, brakes and throttle. The standard clutch cover will be removed and replaced with a clear one so clutch function is visible. The throttle will input to an electric motor that will spin a crank gear to spin clutch. Once the user provides enough throttle for the clutch to engage, a drive wheel on the output shaft will spin to simulate the drive wheel on an actual bike. As a result, the user will experience the same feel of the Rekluse clutch without having to be on a bike to test drive it.

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