Gate-R-Tuff Semi-Automatic Plastic Coil Binding Machine

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


Team Rhin-O-Tuff was asked by Performance Design Inc. to develop a simpler, cheaper and easier to use machine to spin plastic coil bindings onto pre-punched documents. The Gate-R-Trap semi-automated binding system modernizes the document binding industry and by taking the document out of the user’s hands during the binding process. It utilizes a uniquely designed coil guide insertion system that increases successful binding by 20%. The prototype includes a document sizing tray that automatically provides the user digital feedback for the appropriate coil size for each individual document. This makes manual measurement no longer required. The Gate-R-Trap’s floating head draws the coil through the document as opposed to previous technology which pushes the coil from behind. This can be compared to the proverbial “pushing versus pulling a rope” analogy creating less coil deformation and document damage. The Gate-R-Trap also includes a built-in cutting and crimping system to remove the coil overrun at each document end. In past roller insertion systems, the user had to remove excess coil with hand held pliers. Overall, the Gate-R-Trap system combines user friendliness, efficiency, and functionality in a much more cost effective platform than any other product currently in its target price range.

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