The Pill Box Project

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


An interdisciplinary senior design team at Boise State University has been tasked with designing and building a Pill Box to allow for dosage alerts and a greater peace of mind for caregivers in accordance with the requests of our sponsor, Dr. Jim Browning. Studies show that medication non-compliance among the elderly population is largely due to poor memory, limited dexterity and a complex medication regimen. After reviewing products currently available on the market, and building various rudimentary prototypes, a device has been designed to address this widespread and potentially dangerous problem. With a $700 budget, the device currently being built will incorporate 28 compartments that will each house a pill cup for easy access. Above each pill cup, there will be a magnetically held lid with a plunger sensor. The sensor allows the device to monitor and record dosage activity as well as alert the user of incorrect dosage attempts. Each compartment is also equipped with a green LED light that will flash along with an audio alert to remind the user to take their medication based on programming input by the caregiver. This device will serve to reduce medication errors and increase independence for its users.

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