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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


Vyykn, Inc. founder, Steve Kuzara, has developed a water filtration and distribution system that was created to provide high quality water and reduce the waste caused by plastic water bottles. The water filtration system is a stand alone machine that customers use to receive purified water in reusable containers. Our project is to produce a device that can dispense water-flavoring packets of various sizes to compliment the current Vyykn machine. Currently on the market there are no machines that will perform the task that has been assigned. Our design will use individual cartridges to dispense the different sized packets. Two drive wheels will be used per cartridge to dispense one packet at a time. The electrical system to control these wheels will use encoders to monitor the drive motors, and sensors will be used to give feedback when the packet has been dispensed. Testing of this design will focus on proper functionality of the mechanical and electrical systems. When completed our design will help Vyykn’s mission of eliminating the plastic used in sports drinks, flavored water, and other flavored drinks.

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