I-84/Gowen Road Interchange

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Student Presentation

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Sondra Miller


The I-84 and Gowen Road Interchange near Boise, Idaho, is in need of redesign to accommodate future travel demands, and increase its safety and usability. Bridges crossing the Union Pacific Railroad and Gowen Road will be widened to match the future design widths in conjunction with the on-going I-84 expansion project. Gowen Road will be expanded to 5 lanes due to recent and expected traffic increases, prompting a lengthening of the bridge carrying I-84. Widening of Gowen Road will include considerations for multimodal transportation and include new signaled intersections at the on/off ramp locations. Design of the bridges, along with the new roadway, will require a detailed analysis of the existing soil conditions, traffic pattern, and structural integrities according to AASHTO and Idaho Transportation Department specifications.

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