A Design Evaluation of Microchannel Layers in Multi-Scale Ceramic Microsystems

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Student Presentation

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Donald Plumlee


Ceramatec, Inc. manufactures doped-cobaltite multi-scale ceramic microsystems for oxygen and synthesis gas production. The ceramic wafer design used by Ceramatec is comprised of a dense membrane, porous, and microchannel layers. The wafers are assembled into stacks and pressurized in a vessel for industrial-scale gas production. To increase production yields, wafer deformation due to anisotropic shrinkage during sintering needs to be minimized, while optimizing wafer strength and resistance to gas flow through the microchannels. The deformation, strength, and resistance to flow for several microchannel designs will be tested experimentally. The results from this design evaluation will be used to identify the variables that have the highest impact on ceramic wafer performance. Future work will implement this design methodology into the manufacturing process at Ceramatec, Inc.

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