Dry Creek Ranch Community

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Sondra Miller


Dry Creek Ranch is a planned community located northeast of Eagle, Idaho, between Broken Horn Road and Idaho State Highway 55. The community will encompass 1,414 acres and will include 4,300 single-family residences, parks, schools, and commercial and mixed-use areas when completed. Full site development will be in multiple phases, with the first phase encompassing 268 acres and 557 residences. Instrumental Engineering was tasked with the geotechnical, structural, transportation, and stormwater design components to serve the first phase of development and to accommodate future development of the full site. Designs were completed in collaboration with WATER Engineering who focused on water and wastewater facilities and piping aspects of the design.

Instrumental Engineering designed a stormwater control and management system for the phase one development to Ada County Highway District [ACHD] and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality [IDEQ] standards. A typical interior roadway and pavement cross section was designed along with the entrance to Dry Creek Ranch, which intersects Idaho State Highway 55 in accordance with ACHD and Idaho Transportation Department [ITD] standards. Structural tasks of the project included design of a 1.5 million gallon prestressed concrete water storage tank, masonry pump station, and wastewater control building. Concrete foundations for the structures, including a membrane foundation for the prestressed tank, continuous spread footings to support the walls and slab-on-grade foundations for the interior of the pump station and wastewater control building were also designed.

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