Department of Energy's Collegiate Wind Compition Team 2

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


The Department of Energy is sponsoring the design of a small scale wind turbine for a national collegiate wind competition. Four mechanical engineering teams from Boise State will each design a wind turbine along with one electrical engineering team developing a power converter to be shared between the mechanical teams. The turbines have to perform specific tasks measuring the design’s durability, function, and capacity to generate predictable power. The competition also requires a market plan corresponding to the turbine design. Our wind turbine is intended to aid citizens in third world countries and other rural areas where availability to the grid is not a viable economic option. This requires the design be durable it have a low cost to manufacture. In order to achieve this, the design consists of primarily off the shelf parts capable of withstanding a variety of loading conditions (Wind, Centrifugal and Static loads). The design will consist of a three blade rotor, with 3D printed blades; a nacelle housing containing the generator, gearbox and their mounting components; and a tower attachment. An internal competition at Boise State will determine which team will be sent to Las Vegas for the national convention in May.

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