Greenspeed Research 3-D Material Processing

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


Greenspeed Research Inc. (GsR) is a local non-profit company whose mission is to educate the public about renewable energy sources through demonstration in high performance motorsports. In house fabrication and prototyping is limited due to a lack of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) based material processing; GsR’s current method is outsourcing large quantities of material cutting to out of state businesses. This is a burden on their limited monetary resources, and prolongs the prototyping and fabrication processes they practice. Furthermore in house material processing would help reduce GsR’s environmental impact by limiting the amount of over the road transportation required to obtain components for race vehicle fabrication.

Team Greenspeed Research has designed for build, a 3-axis Material Processing Machine to include salvaging an existing 2-axis translating platform machine frame. The design incorporates CNC plasma cutting, routing of aluminum, plywood, and plastic, and profiling of closed cell foam blocks for modeling. This is an adaptive design and fabrication project that will modify the existing machine frame to accept a vertical Z-axis plunge capability and integrate the three axes drive motors to a CNC control package.

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