Electronic Memory Device Reader

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


The focus of this senior design project included working with Hewlett Packard (HP) to design and develop of a tool for reading information from memory contained on a memory chip. Intellectual property issues prevent explanation of the device in great detail. The design needed to incorporate certain specifications, such as one-handed operation and comfort for the user. A circuit board was developed to control the memory reading and data transfer processes. Using SolidWorks, a 3-D modeling software, a model of the circuit board housing and external memory reader components was developed. Engineering analysis and design review were then used to iterate through multiple design features to arrive at a final design for the device. The final housing model emphasized manufacturability and modularity in order to leave opportunity for further development in the future. The final electronic memory reader design connects to a PC through a USB port and is also powered by 5-Volts through the USB. Functionality testing will confirm the correct operation of the device, and simulated drop testing in SolidWorks will determine whether or not the device can stand up to daily use.

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