Image Capture and Image Analysis of Ni-Mn-Ga Wire Strain in a Rotating Magnetic Field

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Student Presentation

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Peter Mullner


Ni-Mn-Ga wire bends in a rotating magnetic field due to the motion of crystallographic interfaces, so called twin boundaries. The strain of the wire depends on the crystallographic structure of the alloy and on the orientation of the grains. The goal of the project is to determine the strain in the wire from images recorded while the wire is exposed to a rotating magnetic field. A method has been devised to take a sequence of images between two angles of magnetic field multiple times at a specified angle step, and while recording and maintaining a desired temperature. In addition to the process of obtaining these photos, data analysis is needed to extract the numerical information pertaining to the strain. First results show that the local strain at the surface of the wire is indeed in the order of the twinning strain.

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