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Peter Müllner


Magnetic shape-memory alloys exhibit strong magneto-structural coupling enabling large magnetic-field-induced deformation. Local control of twinning via variable inhomogeneous magnetic fields initiates local reversible deformation. Previous work produced a valve-less micropump consisting of a Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal, a casing, and a rod magnet. The micropump successfully pumped fluid in opposite directions when the magnet was turned clockwise and counter clockwise. Our current work modifies this micropump for application in rat a head stage, which would simultaneously monitor electroencephalograph data and deliver 0.5-5.0 μl of a drug solution at 100-500 nl/min directly to the rat’s brain. These improvements and the application of the magnetic-shape-memory-alloy technology will foster further improvements in the technology, as well as stimulate further development of MSMA based actuation and sensor devices.