Rapid Prototyping

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Stephen Tennyson


How do you help the little man push his idea from a sketch on a napkin to a physical thing that he can hold in his hands? Well that is what we are here for, the New Product Development Lab is an inexpensive side step that allows inventors and businesses alike to take an idea and try it out without having to spend tremendous amounts of money on a product that might not take off. The purpose of the work that I do in the New Product Development Lab consists of doing the majority of the post processing on the products that we print on our stereo lithography (STL) printer along with projects requiring design with CAD software’s. Alongside my fellow co-workers Blaise, Calvin, Seth, Grey, Chris, and Reed we handle all of the work from the guiding of the design all of the way to printing out a marketable product in either our 3D printer, CNC mill, or with a RTV mold.

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