RTV Molding

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Student Presentation

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Stephen Tennyson


RTV Molding is a soft tooling process that can produce low cost prototype molds in a relatively short period of time. RTV utilizes molds made of rubber, so within two days a properly made mold can be functioning to create part replicates. The use of either rubbers or plastics to create the part model gives the prototypes much more strength and durability than a 3D printed model, while still offering a lower cost and time investment than a hard tooled mold setup. A disadvantage to RTV molding in a lab like NPD is the lack of automation, only one part at a time can be created, this doesn’t make it an ideal process for the full production run of a product. RTV molding is a good intermediate step for a start-up product. Products are durable enough to be properly tested to reveal any flaws a part may have. Ensuring that a company’s product will be everything they want once a full production run is made.

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