Study of Atmospheric Plasma for Wound Healing

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Student Presentation

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Jim Browning


The primary intent of this research is to investigate the possibilities of creating a plasma source for the purpose of healing chronic wounds. A plasma is an ionized gas containing electrons, ions, and neutral gas particles. There are many types of plasma generation systems including Direct Current (DC) and capacitive discharges. Our intent is to combine a DC discharge with a capacitive discharge with the intent of eventual use in wound healing. This project is an analysis of geometry modification when designing such a device and of the impact these changes have on the effectiveness of the devices. Data was gathered by attempting to generate plasmas at atmospheric pressures and by recording voltages and frequencies at which a plasma could be generated. Current testing indicates that the frequency of the capacitive discharge is generally specific to each device, tending to generate plasmas at different ranges between 5 and 60 kHz. At this point no conclusion has been drawn; the research is still ongoing and has yet to point towards any one specific solution.

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