Use of Computer Simulation to Improve Traffic Operations

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Student Presentation

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Mandar Khanal


Traffic and transportation managers are entrusted with ensuring optimal operations of transportation infrastructure under their care. For example, traffic managers can adjust timing of signals at intersections in the road network in an urban area to ensure smooth operations of traffic. Managers however cannot test the impact of various alternatives on roads open to the public as that would inconvenience and confuse the public using their roads. They can however do so on a simulation network on a computer. A simulation using the software, TSIS 6.3, was performed on Interstate 84 from the Ten Mile Road interchange (Exit 42) to the Eagle Road interchange (Exit 46). Overland Road and Franklin Road were included in the simulation as frontage roads in order to better understand the traffic flows along the specified segment of the interstate. The signal timings on the frontage roads and the interstate interchanges were adjusted using a second software package, TEAPAC, to allow for maximum efficiency to be reached during the afternoon peak hour throughout the simulated network.

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