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Eric Booth


High power rocketry is a hobby that launches unguided rockets to high altitudes. These rockets have the benefits of incorporating every aspect of STEM through the investment of one activity. However, high power rocketry remains inaccessible to many people due to the high costs, complex avionics, and lack of knowledge about the hobby. Our sponsors (Dean Klein, Corey Morasch, and Terry Dobler) have requested that the Boise State University Rocket Team address these problems by designing, constructing, and testing a high power rocket with a focus on reducing costs and incorporating novel techniques into the design.

The rocket airframe will be 13 feet tall with an 8 inch diameter. The estimated peak altitude for the first test flight is 10,000 feet, and the rocket will be capable of reaching altitudes over 17,000 feet. The rocket will collect data during flight and transmit it to a ground station. The construction techniques will reduce costs with an estimated project budget of $1,500 for the rocket components, which is a 25 percent reduction of costs over standard construction. This rocket has the potential to advance the hobby of high power rocketry by matching size and performance of comparable rockets at a reduced cost.