Submissions from 2014

High-Performance Thermoelectric Module Packaging Using Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics, Tara Ackermann, Jacob Davlin, and Camille Eddy

Using Computers and Technology to Better Understand Ground Water Behavior and its Correlation with Surface Water in the Treasure Valley, Jamie Adams


Small Scale Wind Turbine, Cameron Allen, Davis Gumbo, Mitchell Petronek, and Scott Roskens

Design of a Novel Salt Collection System, Brooke Balogh, Senami Hodonu, and Zach Harris


Magnetic Shape Memory Micro-Pump for Intra-Cranial Drug Delivery, Sam Barker, Eric Rhoads, Andrew Morrison, Miranda Buttram, and Paul Lindquist

Effects of Sintering Aids on Hydrothermal Corrosion Behavior of Si3N4 Ball Bearings, Allyssa Bateman

Influence of Mixed Acid Electrolytes and Rare Earth Additives on the Corrosion Resistance of Anodized Aluminum Films, Megan Beck, Sarah Sredzinski, and Damir Fazil

Mobile Transforming Blind, Christopher Bokides, Zane Roberts, Yalda Khaliki, and David Compton


Thermo-Electric Generator Evaluation Board, Jeanette Brooks, Cody Sullivan, and Adrian Rothenbuhler

Greenspeed Research 3-D Material Processing, Phillip Burchfield, Patrick Johnston, and Jeb Bonner

Determination of Ni Deposition Rates For Composition Regulation of Ni-Mn-Ga Thin Films, Miranda Buttram, Jeff Huntsinger, Paul Lindquist, and Peter Müllner

Electrical design of a wind turbine for the U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition, Brian Dambi, Firas Almasyabi, Adrian Reyes, Stephen Stauts, and Haitian Xu

Department of Energy's Collegiate Wind Compition Team 2, Jerad Deitrick, Brandon Lee, Luke Ganschow, and Nael Naser

Thermodynamic Design Optimization of DNA-Based Chemical Reaction Networks with Shielded Internal Toeholds, Ann Delaney

Use of Computer Simulation to Improve Traffic Operations, Travis Denham

A Design Evaluation of Microchannel Layers in Multi-Scale Ceramic Microsystems, Koyuki Fritchman, Ian Dalzell, Ann Delaney, Tasha Buss, Christine Co, and Cassidy Bond

The Topaz Bridge Redesign on U.S. Route 30, David Fulton, Martika Flores Ramos, David Goretoy, Drew Hopkins, Jason Leinweber, Peter Nussbacher, and Sean Parker


Sustainable Desalination - A Multipurpose Facility Developed to Alleviate Water Crises Suffered by Small Island Nations Due to Global Climate Change, Brandon Harper

Evaluation of an Electropolishing Solution for use with Ni2MnGa, Zachary Harris, Nikole J. Kucza, Paul Lindquist, and Peter Müllner

AgNC’s as Acceptor/donor Pairs in FRET-based Excitonic Waveguides, Donald Kellis

Agricultural Harvesting Project, Mohammad Khaliki, Reanne Stewart, Kenneth Boylan, and Kyle Witherspoon

Dry Creek Ranch Planned Community: Water Resources Design, Zoe Lavrich, Tawna Groom, Michael Buckles, Logan Winterholler, Brandon Harper, Shadow Jungenberg, and Ryan Nelson

An Efficient Generalized Least Squares Algorithm for Periodic Time Series, Jaechoul Lee, Anthony Dini, and William Negri

High Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of Dysprosium, Nicole Leraas, Kelci Lester, and Brian Jaques

Compatibility of Oxides in Contact with a LiCl-KCl and Copper Solution at High Temperatures, Nicole Leraas, Josh Owens, and Carolyn Stansell

Production of Two-Dimensional Layered Material through Liquid Exfoliation, Richard Livingston

Exploring the Radiation of Piper (Piperaceae) in the Caribbean, Sierra Ludwig, Allan J. Bornstein, and James F. Smith

Developing a Novel Sensor to Detect Stress Corrosion Cracking of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Containers, Drew Lysne, Sanjeev Acharya, Brian Jaques, Vikram Patel, Jackie Hodge, Robert Ragland, Michael F. Hurley, and Darryl P. Butt

Rekluse Clutch Display, Shelagh Macaulay, Grey Beaudry, Brian McMillon, and Stuart Sailors

RTV Molding, Steven Maggard

Moth Actograph Senior Design Project, Kevin Martinez, Andrew Walker, Tyler Nichol, Levi Holt, Kevin Hanners, and Kevin Martinez

Dry Creek Ranch Community, Neil Miyaoka, Zach Christensen, Spencer Neufeld, Sailesh Koirala, David Tamayo, Nawid Mohammad Mousa, and Brendan Owen

Avida Checkpoint/Restart Implementation, Nilab Mohammad Mousa

Characterization of High-temperature Polishing Techniques for Magnetic Shape-memory Alloy Ni2MnGa, Andrew Morrison, Andrew Morrison, Brittany Muntifering, and Corey Efaw

I-84/Gowen Road Interchange, Jacob Norris, Luke Rowley, Lucas Marsh, Rafael Flores, Juan Fernando Lucen, David Nicolarsen, Jonathan Curtiss, and James Hart

Redesign of the Broadway Avenue Bridge over the Boise River, Lauren Nuxoll, Nathan Balcirak, Randy Hamilton, Kyle Kaschmitter, Jake Kreglo, Albert Palacios, West Volpei, and Holten White

Automotive Thermoelectric Generator, Jacob OBrien, Tony Christensen, and Luke Schoensee

Modeling the Effective Size of Vacancies in Aliovalently Doped Perovskites, Josh Owens, Kevin Talley, Kevin Tolman, Jonathan Schmidt, Emma Faulkner, Binay Joshi, and Meagan Papac

Load Balancing of Databases on a Cloud, Michael Page

Image Capture and Image Analysis of Ni-Mn-Ga Wire Strain in a Rotating Magnetic Field, Link Patrick and Nikole Kuzca

Nanomechanical Properties of Ni-Mn-Ga, Lance Patten

Grain Size Refinement of Alloy 617, Lance Patten, Gary Mitchell, and Lejmarc Snowball

A Portable Software Application to Measure Fracture Callus in Radiographs, Stephen Porter

The Pill Box Project, Kerri Rager, Stephen Gabbard, Jeff Rayburn, Mike Larsen, and Tung Ho

Clamp System for Mechanical Testing of Soft Tissue, Evan Rust

DOE CWC Micro Wind Turbine Team 3, Michael Sansom, Cody McConkey, Luke Weaver, Calvin Brown, and Michael Sansom

Vyykn Vender, Shayne Saxton, Sam Mecham, Brett Law, Miguel Quebrado, James Shawver, and Michael Eldred

Nanostructured High-Temperature Bulk Thermoelectric Generator for Micro Combined Heat and Power Boiler, Luke Schoensee

Split Ring Resonator Arrays on a DNA Substrate, Kelly Schutt

Lucky Friday Mine Redevelopment, Matthew Shroll, Joshua Peetz, Evan Resimius, Michael Nasland, Paul Derr, Roberto Almanza, and Juan Diego Lucen

Study of Atmospheric Plasma for Wound Healing, Brendon Sida, Miss Brooke, Janos Cserna, and Rachana Acharya

Fabrication of Collagen Gels to Model Ligaments, Matthew Smull

Towards Fabricating Nano-Scale Array Features on Silicon Using Atomic Layer Deposition, Adam Solomon and Kelly Schutt

Wind Power Generation In A Marine Environment, Grant Stephens, Rory O'Leary, Michael Shoaee, and Brian Cardwell

Agricultural Harvester, Reanne Stewart, Kyle Witherspoon, Mohammad Khaliki, and Kenneth Boylan

Gravitational Effects on Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure and Flow in an Anatomical Model, Roxanne Stone, Janos Cserna, Douglas Mac Jones, Jordan Scott, Carl Barcroft, Scott Warren, Jared Ostyn, Libby Stewart, Tara Smith, and Kaytlin Smith

Monitoring Cerebrospinal Fluid During Parabolic Flight, Roxanne Stone, Jordan Scott, and Janos Cserna

Mechanical Venus Flytrap, Donald Vawser, Brooke Garner, Chance Maston, Donald Vawser, Evan Huff, and Jake Broyles

Rapid Prototyping, Rob Wallace

Gate-R-Tuff Semi-Automatic Plastic Coil Binding Machine, Emily Wayt, Riley Smith, Jingnan Guo, Clint Cartwright, Robert Dyk, and Andy Nodler


Tripoli Rocket Team, Brad Whipple, Ali Ibrahim, Dylan Sherick, Evan Rust, and Robert Ragland

Electronic Memory Device Reader, Tyler Young, Rici Morrill, and Derek Wade