Less-Lethal Sabot Loader

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


Integrity Ballistics has recently experienced an increase in demand for the Burns 1401, a less-lethal projectile to be used by various law enforcement agencies. Subsequently, the efficiency of the current assembly line must be maximized to meet customer demand. The scope of this project focuses on decreasing the time to load a proprietary sabot into a 12-gauge shotgun shell. Currently, the process involves folding and loading each sabot individually by hand, taking approximately 8 seconds per shell. To improve this, the Boise State Senior Design team has designed a machine that will properly fold and load 8 sabots simultaneously. The device will be incorporated into the existing assembly line, utilizing the pneumatic system to supply the necessary force to load the sabots. Using this setup, the design team estimates that loading times will be decreased by at least 50% overall compared to existing methods. Once the device has been implemented, Integrity Ballistics will have the ability to meet growing customer demand for a less-lethal shotgun round.

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