In the Ditch

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


In The Ditch is a local company based in Mountain Home. They specialize in designing and manufacturing accessories for commercial tow trucks, as well as for regular consumer use. They already manufacture a large line of hitches, dolly mounts (for towing vehicles), and brackets for mounting general towing equipment to trucks. Brackets and mounting systems are the focus of the Senior Design Project that In the Ditch has proposed. We have been asked to create a modular platform that can be mounted to a variety of vehicles and this platform will be able to hold a variety of towing accessories. The project will be focused on an adaptive design approach. In The Ditch currently produces platforms for attachment of various accessories, and we will be using a single platform that can adapt to the various accessories that an end user will need to secure to a variety of vehicles. We will be building off of successful design solutions from their current products, as well as their expertise in manufacturing with sheet metal. This design will also need to be constrained to their current manufacturing capabilities. The main goal of the project is to create product that In the Ditch may be able to sell to the general towing community as well as satisfy the general public for any need they may see the product fit to fill.

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