Effects of Air Quality on Snowpack in the Intermountain West.

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Sondra Miller


The goal of this research is to assess the relationship between water supply and population growth. Much of the water supply for Southeast Idaho comes from snowmelt, and when atmospheric particulate matter (PM) is deposited on the snow the melting rate is changed. The melting rate increases as the amount of PM increases, because the snow darkens and absorbs more solar energy. This research is gathering data to determine the amount of particulate that falls out of the air in the city of Boise and the Dry Creek Experimental Watershed north of Boise. This data is gathered by using a Micro-Orifice Uniform-Deposit Impactor (MOUDI) and a dry-wet precipitation collector. This research will show variations in the amount of PM that drops out of the air due to human activity and meteorological influences.

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