Research Data Visualization for the Deer Flat Low Line Irrigation Canal in the Treasure Valley, Idaho

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Student Presentation

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Jairo Hernandez


A series of simulations were conducted using a hydraulic model of the Deer Flat Low Line irrigation canal located in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. A computer program was validated for optimization of irrigation canal gate operations. Results were recorded in hundreds of simulations containing thousands of iterations each with varying amounts of time steps for water levels, water level deviations, and canal gate operations. The large number of files along with the complexity of their format made the data time consuming to analyze. A code was written to convert the data from text documents into visualization toolkit (VTK) files that could be read by ParaView, research data visualization software for visualization and analysis. The purpose of this project was to visualize the large amount of data to speed up the analysis process, gain insight into results, and to validate that the program is working towards optimal gate operations. We produced plots of the canal gate operations data and 3-dimensional animations of water level deviations to analyze the data.

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