BillieRacks Accessory Attachment

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


The amount of participation in recreational activities in the State of Idaho is substantial compared to that of other states. With this in mind, there are those involved in outdoor activities who are always seeking to improve the quality of their experiences. The BillieRacks Company is comprised of two such men, dedicated to making outdoor experiences more enjoyable for those who use their product. A base model prototype of their racking system is already in use; however it is not yet ready to be put on the market. The goal of this project is to engineer an attachment that can be fully integrated into the existing prototype in order to increase the versatility of the product as a whole. The Accessory Attachment team has been working closely with the creators of the BillieRacks system to design a storage box that functions as an attachment to the rack system, giving the product a wider variety of uses. The design is simple but the functions are very specific and it must be compatible with the BillieRacks system. A series of 3D modeling steps have been performed as well as simulations within Solidworks to prove the necessary functions of the box. The final design of this attachment is complete and initial steps towards manufacturing the prototype are underway. The team is excited to work on this project and thus improve the overall quality of outdoor experiences for all who will use this BillieRacks product.

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