Electromagnetism and its use in Civil Engineering

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Student Presentation

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Arvin Farid


The first experiment that I was assigned to deals with the effect of electromagnetic (EM) waves on the hydraulic conductivity of soils. The required EM energy is generated at various frequencies and power levels using an RF network; consisting of a signal generator, an amplifier, a dual-directional coupler, a spectrum analyzer, an antenna-positioning robot, and a safety loop controlled using LabView. The set up consists of a bentonite clay sample placed inside a rigid-wall, cylindrical permeameter with a CPVC-cased monopole antenna fastened at the center of the set up. I also helped prepare another system by attempting to program a robot to draw various words and shapes. This is the same robot set up to control the experiment remotely. I am also working on another experiment using EM waves to remotely remove contaminants from soils and groundwater. In this case, a colored dye is used as the contaminant simulant. I am working on the design and implementation of a digital imaging system to track the dye flow.

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