Garden City Geotechnical, Transportation and Structural / Pronto Engineering

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Student Presentation

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G. Murgel, S. Miller, R. Hamilton, A. Farid, J. Hernandez, M. Khanal, S. Call & V. Sridhar


Garden City, ID does not currently have water storage facilities within its boundaries. It currently does have 10 potable water supply wells serving nearly 6,000 residents and businesses in the city limits. Pronto Engineering has teamed up with No B.S. Engineering in order to provide the design plans for a new Reservoir and Booster Pump Station, to be located on a city-owned parcel of land at 201 E. 46th Street. This will provide equalization and fire suppression storage for the east end of Garden City, ID. Extensive coordinated communication is expected to occur with No B.S. Engineering in order to complete the design of the new reservoir and booster pump station. Information provided by No B.S. Engineering will allow Pronto Engineering to determine all required permits, design the water storage reservoir and pump station building, associated foundations, realignment of 46th Street access, design of the site stormwater management system, and enhance Chinden Boulevard access to the new site.

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