Camp Rainbow Gold, Cathedral Pines Renovation

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Student Presentation

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G. Murgel, S. Miller, R. Hamilton, A. Farid, J. Hernandez, M. Khanal, S. Call & V. Sridhar


Camp Rainbow Gold was established 30 years ago as a program of the American Cancer Society. Camp Rainbow Gold provides medically supervised and emotionally empowering camp experiences to oncology patients and their siblings. The camps are held at Cathedral Pines, located 11 miles north of Ketchum, Idaho in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area on State Highway 75. This Civil Engineering senior design project of A Better Engineering Group involves proposed renovation of the Cathedral Pines camp to increase the camp capacity by 50 percent to accommodate 300 people. The renovation will include description of the required environmental and construction permits, renovation of at least one existing structure including structural analysis, design of a new and improved medical facility with detailed structural and geotechnical designs for treating oncology patients, . conceptual layout of new camp buildings, design of a wastewater treatment system, evaluation of the current water supply, evaluation and design of storm water collection systems, and redesign of the interior roadways.

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