Camp Rainbow Gold - New Design

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Student Presentation

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G. Murgel, S. Miller, R. Hamilton, A. Farid, J. Hernandez, M. Khanal, S. Call & V. Sridhar


Camp Rainbow Gold (CRG) is an oncology camp that has week long summer camps and winter retreats for children ages 6 to 17 and their families. The camp has experienced substantial growth since its inception, reaching the capacity of its current site, and is exploring alternative sites. Gold Specialties was tasked to design a new resident camp facility to meet the needs of a growing Camp Rainbow Gold. This project encompasses a list of facilities on a 77-acre parcel located 2 miles south of Bellevue, Idaho to meet the requirements of the camp. Our job is to design the facilities and investigate the required permits and codes. Our design will include a medical facility, a dining hall, a general store, and sleeping cabins for a maximum occupancy of 300 participants. The medical facility building structural analysis will account for four hospital beds, four oncology infusion stations, nurse’s station, pharmacy, and housing for five on-call medical staff. A geotechnical analysis will be used to design functional footings and foundations aspects of project elements. Transportation design will include layout of an impervious pavement loop for main traffic flow and an emergency corridor in the camp center to access the medical facility along with two access locations designed to connect the new camp roads to the nearby public road system. Other design elements will include wastewater collection, stormwater design, and environmental impact.

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