Developing A Math Adventure Game

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Student Presentation

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Joe Guarino


I am currently working with Dr. Joe Guarino and Sara Isom in the development of a math video game. The purpose of this game is to create an easy way for people to pick up math skills, without consciously being aware of their learning. It goes away from the stereotypical math video game in that it doesn’t force the math upon the individual, but rather it is picked up naturally as the game progresses. My part in the development of this game was to design some of the characters of the game, learn scripting to further aid in the progress of the game, and beta testing the game. For developing the characters of the game I learned to use a topological modeling program called Blender, I then incorporated math type traits to the characters. As for the scripting I focused on learning JavaScript and the scripting in the game engine, Unity. With, beta testing, I am searching to see if the game would adequately aid in the growth of the user’s knowledge of math.

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