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Mike Hurley


Precipitated intermetallic phases strengthen aluminum aircraft alloys; these inclusions also establish localized electrochemical environments, significantly influencing the bulk corrosion behavior of such alloys. To gain insight on the effects of intermetallic phases on the bulk corrosion behavior, two established forms of electrochemical characterization techniques were used, polarization scans and impedance spectroscopy. This effort was undertaken to:

  • Provide a statistical body of electrochemical data for aluminum alloys,
  • Provide fundamental electrochemical parameters to aide in a continuum scale modeling effort,
  • Validate the effect of solution chemistry on bulk corrosion behavior,
  • Determine the influence of precipitated intermetallic phases on the bulk corrosion behavior,
  • Decouple the metal-coating interface behavior from bulk corrosion behavior in continuing tests on coated aluminum.