Garden City Reservoir and Booster Pump

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Student Presentation

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G. Murgel, S. Miller, R. Hamilton, A. Farid, J. Hernandez, M. Khanal, S. Call & V. Sridhar


Garden City, Idaho’s water system serves nearly 6,000 equivalent dwelling units (EDU’s), has ten potable water supply wells, and is operated as one pressure zone, which means that there are currently no water storage facilities within the system boundaries. This overall project is to integrate a storage reservoir and booster pump station into Garden City’s water system on a city-owned parcel of land located at 201 E. 46th Street to provide equalization and fire suppression storage for the east end of Garden City. No B.S. Engineering has teamed with Pronto Engineering to complete the total design for this project. Pronto Engineering will be handling the geotechnical and structural aspects of the design. No B.S. Engineering will perform a number of design tasks including verification of available water rights for Garden City , perform demographic analysis and population growth predictions along with water usage rates to determine the required storage volume, hydraulic analyses conducted to ensure suitable pump selection, design the pump house, and develop hydraulic profiles for connections to the water main in 46th Street from the proposed storage reservoir and booster pump station.

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