Device and Methodology for Micro-mechanical Characterization of Thru Silicon VIAs

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Student Presentation

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Chad Watson; Sarah Haight; Peter Müllner, Cassie Bassett, Brent Davis


Through Silicon VIA (TSV) interconnect technology is one potential approach to manufacture 3 dimensionally integrated memory packages with enhanced electrical and spatial efficiency. Since micro-mechanical properties of a complicated materials set, TSV and TSV interconnect, are widely understudied, it is difficult to predict their performance in an assembled package. Micro-scale compression, tensile, and shear test methodology is proposed to obtain the mechanical properties of a TSV. Mechanical testing probe tips have been designed and custom manufactured to test a range of TSV interconnect structures and to be compatible with the micro-mechanical test platform, DAGE 4000 Plus. The probe tips will be used to perform compression tests on TSVs to obtain the yield and failure point of the TSV interconnect. The determination of the mechanical properties of TSV interconnect structures will allow for the continual improvement of the reliability of the TSV interconnect as well as an increased understanding of the impact of the mechanical properties to the reliability of the interconnect.

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