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Darryl Butt and Brian Jaques


Ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloys are candidate materials for use in extreme applications due to their excellent high temperature strength. Fe81Cr16Mo3 and Fe81Cr16Al3 alloys were ball milled for various durations with 0.5 wt. % Y2O3 nanometer sized particles prior to consolidation via spark plasma sintering (SPS). The particle size characterization was completed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and laser scattering. The median particle size of Fe81Cr16Mo3+0.5 wt. % Y2O3 powder increased from 9µm to 31µm after 16 hours of milling and then decreased to 28.9 µm after 40 hours of milling. On the contrary, the median particle size of Fe81Cr16Al3+0.5 wt. % Y2O3 powder decreased from 13.2 µm to 6.1µm after 16 hours of milling and increased to 20.4 µm after 40 hours of milling.