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Horse Power

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


The mission of the Boise State team is to collectively complete the design and manufacture of a competitive vehicle for the Shell Marathon 2012 competition. This mission will be accomplished through extensive collaboration between three groups focused on drivetrain, controls, and body. This competition is one that tests the design of high school and college student’s energy efficient vehicles. The events are placed annually and this will be Boise State’s second year in the running. The challenge, at its most basic, builds on projected standards for cars and light trucks such as bringing fuel efficiency up to 54.6 miles per gallon by the year 2025. Boise State’s team, Horse Power, has designed a running, fuel efficient, aerodynamic and cost effective vehicle for this competition. All components of this vehicle have been thoroughly analyzed and meticulously selected to provide the vehicle with the best available options for success in the competition. With the research and design phase completed, it is imperative to apply resources to acquiring the necessary parts for the fabrication of the vehicle. When the manufacturing process is completed there will be a fully functioning vehicle that meets the competition guidelines of having a weight of less than 140 kilograms, no deflection on the roll bar under a 700 Newtonian load, a safety harness that can lift the entire vehicle and many other guidelines.

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