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Synchronous Machine Parameter Identification

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Said Ahmed-Zaid


This project aims at identifying the parameters of a three-phase synchronous machine using a standstill frequency-response method. Custom equipment was designed to generate a low-frequency, low-level sinusoidal waveform which was amplified by a power operational amplifier to produce the high voltage and high current needed to excite the stator windings of the synchronous machine. An advantage of the standstill test is that parameter identification in both the direct and quadrature axes can be conducted separately. In addition these tests are relatively simple and inexpensive.

Several solutions for generating the sinusoidal waveform in either hardware or software form were contemplated. The instrumentation equipment was automated using a personal computer running data-acquisition software. The synchronous machine was tested with its rotor aligned in one of two standard positions that allowed the determination of the machine operational inductances along its direct and quadrature axes. The magnitude and phase of these impedances were measured in a predetermined range of frequencies yielding frequency-response plots where important synchronous machine parameters were identified from the break points of the Bode plots.

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