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Combining Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data in the CAVETM

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Student Presentation

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Alark Joshi


The Remote Sensing Visualization Platform (RSVP) is a new software application which was created in order to display hyperspectral and LiDAR data sets together in an immersive visualization environment known as the Cave Automated Virtual Environment (CAVETM). The goal was to display a hyperspectral band of a specified wavelength alongside a LiDAR point cloud of the same geographic region. Single hyperspectral bands can be shown as a greyscale image or three bands can be selected where each band represents red, green, or blue. The user can switch between different band combinations within one session. Future work will include analysis capabilities within the immersive session. The user will be able to create plots detailing the spectral response for all bands of a selected location. This application will provide a new method for remote sensing experts to display and analyze their data.

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