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George Murgel and Sondra Miller


Camp Rainbow Gold is a summer camp for children diagnosed with cancer. The camp has experienced substantial growth since its inception, reaching the capacity of its current site, and is exploring alternative sites. Awesome Engineering was tasked to design a new resident camp facility to meet the needs of a growing Camp Rainbow Gold as a Civil Engineering Design project. We were given a 77-acre site located two miles south of Bellevue, Idaho, and a list of facility requirements for the camp. Our job is to design the facilities as well as investigate the required permits and codes. We will design floor plans for a dining hall, an administration building, a medical facility, a multipurpose meeting facility, and recreation facilities, along with sleeping accommodations for 300 people. We will perform a detailed structural design for an arts and crafts building, drinking water and wastewater systems, and the roads and walkways throughout the camp. During the design, an emphasis will be placed on American’s Disability Act (ADA) compliance because many of the affected children have limited mobility due to their condition and its treatment.

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