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Pierce Creek Fish Passage Project

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Student Presentation

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George Murgel and Sondra Miller


This project involves the design of a fish passage structure to replace an obsolete culvert on Pierce Creek, a tributary of the South Fork Boise River located approximately 70 miles from Boise, Idaho. The purpose of the project is to allow for the uninhibited migration of spawning trout in Pierce Creek while simultaneously reducing sediment loads into the South Fork. Pierce Creek has been historically documented as a spawning stream for native rainbow trout. An existing 48-inch round culvert allows Forest Service Road 113 to cross Pierce Creek. Fish have been obstructed from accessing upstream spawning grounds due to a steep vertical drop on the downstream end of the existing culvert. A replacement structure must be designed and constructed in an effort to reestablish native rainbow trout recruitment back into Pierce Creek. Additional design considerations for this project include: site characterization, stream flow data, safe fish passage, sedimentation, traffic control, environmental impacts, safety, and cost. A plan will also be developed for rehabilitating any altered portions of the streambed and stream banks caused by construction activities to replicate natural conditions.

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