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The Garden Valley RV Park and Cottage Resort

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Student Presentation

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George Murgel and Sondra Miller


This project involves the design of a Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park and Cottage Resort in Garden Valley, Idaho. The design requirements include establishment of up to 110 RV spaces, 10 permanent cottages, spaces for tent campers, and a clubhouse with pavilion. A 23-acre parcel of land adjacent to the Banks-Lowman Highway will be used to layout these required elements by Team Rural Area Development (Team RAD). Other necessary components of the design will include the determination of required permitting for the RV Park, analysis of a turn lane at the park entrance from the Banks-Lowman Highway, development of an emergency egress from the site, and structural design for the cottages and multipurpose clubhouse including an exterior shower and laundry facilities. The dimensional layout of the park will also include establishment of a wastewater treatment facility with on-site disposal, and a water supply and distribution system. The site will also be designed to accommodate required stormwater management measures.

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