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Why-Not Manufacturing Facility – Sage Engineering

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Student Presentation

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George Murgel and Sondra Miller


This project is for the design of the Why-Not Manufacturing Facility in Elmore County, Idaho near the intersection of Ditto Creek Road and Squaw Creek Road. The 181-acre property is located northeast of Mountain Home, Idaho and approximately one-half mile north of I-84. The site is currently undeveloped, gently sloped rangeland. The manufacturing facility will be approximately 70,000 square feet, with the entire footprint covering nearly 20 acres of the site. Why-Not Manufacturing has specified that the facility include: two open floor areas to accommodate operations, two areas for storage of raw materials and finished products, and a general office area. The building will be designed to the standards of the 2009 International Building Code and the local building codes. This facility must be self-supporting due to its remote location and distance from municipal water and wastewater infrastructure. A lot layout will be designed, along with adequate storm water management to account for runoff. Roads on the site will be able to accommodate all emergency vehicles and road traffic.

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